Entrepreneurship with Mike with MicroGainz S18Ep5 - The Business Series

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This is a new interview with Mike Reed from MicroGainz . Mike & Matt really focus on entrepreneurship and creating a successful business. Also, Mike and his wife recently attended the 2021 BLOC Party, had a blast, was able to meet many of the coaches and clients, and brought gear to sell (without shipping).

You can follow MicroGainz on Instagram here. MicroGainz offers fractional plates (now up to 10 lbs), dumbbell fractional plates, gym pins for machines, and now Barbell Logic engraved micro plates. The equipment is made in Pennsylvania, USA. You can always use cold “LOGIC” to get 10% off.

Mike discovered the problem of not being able to make smaller jumps when he completed LP, and realized there weren’t many options on Amazon. Plates he found were cheap and poorly made and not made in the USA.

He decided to fix this problem himself and worked to make his first fractional plates. Not only does this go to show that successful business solves a problem, but it was actually a problem Mike faced himself. He had an N of 1 that this was a real problem, and he also understood the importance of this problem and how he could help his clients.

People have lots of misconceptions about what entrepreneurs or business owners do. They think it’s glamorous and easy, but it’s really about grinding for years and maybe even decades. Mike worked 2 jobs for 4 years before he was finally able to quit his day job. Matt similarly had to work 2 jobs when he initially began coaching.

For both of them, there came a point where they realized that not only could they quit their day job but they needed to if the new business would succeed.

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