96. Unlearn Everything You Learned About Food & Exercise: Letting go of perfection and finding balance with guest, Colby Thibault, RD, LDN, CPT

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Today’s guest, has it all, I call her the "triple threat." Colby Thaibault is a dietitian, personal trainer and trained professional chef. She helps former female athletes and current active women unlearn the feelings of control over food and the gym and help them achieve a balanced life. Check out Colby's business Triad Performance & Nutrition, LLC is committed to providing medical nutrition therapy and personal training under the supervision of a licensed professional based on current research and evidence. Our goal is to positively impact clients/patients who are searching for personal improvement in their own health and wellness. Our expertise is unique by combining the 3 tiers of culinary arts, nutrition/dietetics, and physical fitness for a well-rounded approach to long-term success. The program is founded on a non-diet approach along with unbiased care and empathy for all of our clients and patients. Connect with Colby on Instagram @colby_chef.dietitian.trainer

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