(#12) Let's talk about self-trust

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In this episode I dive deep into self-trust, honestly I believe self-trust is one of the most important elements of your relationship with self. To me self-trust is that knowing-ness that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it...✨
In this episode you will learn,

  • My definition of self-trust
  • Simple practices to help you cultivate self-trust
  • Why it's the little things we do each day that have the biggest impact
  • How 'freedom' is linked to taking radical ownership
  • Why you should be mindful of the times you haven't listened to your gut instinct
  • and so much more!

PLUS I invite you to join me for my next '21 Day body Image Immersion' - because every woman deserves to feel liberated and empowered in her body.
I created the immersion that I WISH I had access to when I started my body image healing journey. The next round kicks off the 17th of June 2022 - for all the details and to see what previous immersion members have to say - CLICK HERE
I cannot wait to meet you in there!
As always, I am so grateful for you listening to the wisdom I am here to share ✨
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All my love
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