(#22) Your nervous system

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Let's dive into your nervous system - this has got to be one of the most important things to bring awareness to within your body...your body is always speaking to you. This episode is a mix of educational content and my personal insights on doing my own 'inner work' and working through nervous system dysregulation...I absolutely loved recording this episode and I feel like there may have to be a part 2...
In this episode you will learn,

  • what is your nervous system - specifically your autonomic nervous system
  • what is the role of your nervous system? how does it support you?
  • what is 'fight/flight', 'safety' and 'freeze'
  • how to build resilience in your nervous system - what is my 'window of tolerance'?
  • are you 'surviving' or 'thriving' in life?
  • the impact of trauma on your nervous system
  • how your habits and behaviours may actually be keeping you 'safe'
  • how to regulate your nervous system through daily practices to integrate
  • how we can co-regulate with others and help make them feel safe
  • and so much more!

As always, I am so grateful for you listening to the wisdom I am here to share ✨
As mentioned in the episode here is the link to a diagram of your nervous system and the 'window of tolerance' - click here
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All my love
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