Catapulting Yourself to GREATNESS: The Upward Spiral with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

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If you ever felt stuck, spinning your wheels, or back just where you were again, then do we have the Upwards Spiral show for you.

Today we’ll talk about the signs you’ll see when you're about to get launched into success. When we feel STUCK, and when we’re in a repetitive rut; it's the beginning signs of ACCELERATED SUCCESS! In this episode we cover ALL the signs the UNIVERSE will send your way, HOW to learn and grow from what one might see as a “negative” situation allowing us to keep our mind, body, and soul open for the GREATEST OUTCOMES. There is ALWAYS a bigger reason for the things that happen in our life!

Plus we’ll talk about Deja vu in Jersey all over again, hiking trails, road bikes to E-bikes, left with three kitties came back with a Rooster, apartment shopping, cliff jumping and turkeys, the difference of two exits, and what in the world a hole in an RV and a giant flatbed truck has to do with anything!

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