Follow This Process To HEAL The Heart Through Your ANGELS with Sunny Dawn Johnston

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It's so easy to get down on yourself today, feeling you're less-than, not good enough, or not worthy enough--but with the Angels, it doesn't have to be this way. With the right prayers and easy practices, you can heal these wounds you've been gifted since childhood, or even before you were born.

There’s a process to healing your heart, body, mind, and soul. We can call upon specific Archangels to guide us in the journey of healing past wounds and finding forgiveness, and this show will show you how!

Today we’ll breathe into the abundant energy and love of the Archangels to heal your heart, and to find forgiveness and unconditional love, once and for all by invoking the Angels!

I’ll be talking with Sunny Dawn Johnston, Angel expert extraordinaire, spiritual teacher, a psychic medium, weekly columnist for Women’s World Magazine, and the author of at least 21 books, including The Love Never Ends and Invoking The Archangels.


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