Getting IN FLOW: How To Sync Yourself with the COSMIC FLOW - Get Back In Sync with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

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If you ever wanted to get into the Cosmic Flow then do we have the Synchronized Swimming show for you.

Today's episode is all about getting ALIGNED with the Cosmic Flow. The outcomes we seek most in life come easiest when we are in a state of FLOW.

We’ll talk about getting in sync, being in sync, and recognizing what to do when you feel out of sync. We're presented with difficulty when most of us find ourselves in a state of want, desire, and need of specific outcomes. Truth is the second we put ourselves in FLOW, we attract and achieve the things we want most.

That plus we’ll talk about bike lights and car horns, RV choosing again, Kalachakra, bummer at the bus stop, certification craziness, summer flakiness, tornadoes and the twisties, prescriptions demystified, fine tuning the RV, and what in the world a rooster chasing a turkey has to do with anything! Oh Roo..

Tune into today's episode as we discuss the ways you can align yourself TODAY.

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