What’s Coming NEXT In 2021? Fall Astrological Predictions with Dr. Michael Lennox

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Exhausted by 2021? Wondering if the fires, floods, and viruses will EVER end?

If 2021 is kicking your butt and you wonder how much longer do I have to take this, then do we have the late 2021 Astrology Predictions, show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Michael Lennox, who predicted the virus and turmoil of the last two years has profound words to share for the remainder of 2021, and how you can EVEN find light at the end of the tunnel. He is my all time favourite astrologer and the creator of The Daily Astro Alerts, and a brand new podcast about all things astrology for 2021 and beyond.

You'll learn about the latest astrological challenges, key dates, when to build, when to hide, key retrogrades, what’s in the signs for you, what’s the most important to right now, and what you can do to surf the energy of this time, potentially turning it into a positive, and perhaps the one most important thing you DO NOT want to do until 2022!

Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team and has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues including NBC’s Emmy award winning Starting Over, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady show and many others.

Tune is as we talk all things 2021, what it’s given us, what is quote on quote “Taken” from us, and what 2022 may be holding in store for us!

Make sure to listen through this episode, there are a TON of insights to take that will turn your current viewpoints on the struggles of 2021 upside down!

Go on a journey with Dr. Michael Lennox in his four-week online class Radical Forgiveness - https://michaellennox.com/classes/radical-forgiveness/

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