You NEED To Learn How To Read And Write A Contract!

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“A business lawyer will be able to help you protect what you’ve already built and to look for opportunities in your business where you can leverage what you already have to grow the value of your business.”

—Andrea Henry

Can you read and write a contract?

Legal aid can be scary and overwhelming, and plenty of business lawyers will simply tell you where to sign — and not to worry about the details…

….but as a business owner, it’s our business to worry about the details to ensure we don’t lose any rights — or our business — through legal oversights!
A business lawyer for over 15 years and the founder of Henry Business Law, Andrea Henry has made it her mission to teach other women entrepreneurs what the legal jargon means — so you can make clear, well-informed decisions about your money, investment, and future.

Andrea joins me on this episode of Strategize Your Business Online to share how working with a business lawyer will protect every element of your business: your money (from insurance to investment to taxes), your relationships (crafting contracts that clearly tell the story of each), and your intellectual property (your zone-of-genius)!

No matter what your budget is, or where you are in your journey, Andrea’s templates, resources, and programs will help to ensure you’re fully protected!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • Why you need to conduct a legal audit if you’re making the move from employee to entrepreneur
  • The different types of contract templates, and the importance of customising templates to your jurisdiction and industry
  • How thinking about your intentions for your business — your exit strategy — today will protect your future assets

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01:07 Welcome to Andrea!

04:27 Legal aid is for all

05:15 Level playing field

06:18 Virtual services

07:44 Referrals, networks & social media

08:35 Legal audit

10:55 Business freedom

12:04 View your business as an asset

13:43 The exit strategy

15:57 Contract template types

19:33 Anatomy of a Contract

22:51 Three pillars framework

26:03 Pandemic & job security

30:22 The Secure Startup

31:33 Strategize Your Business Online: Lessons From the Trenches

32:29 Connect with Andrea


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