Positive Habits for Transformation

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Whether you’re dealing with the stress of a loved one who’s ill OR you have your own personal physical or mental health challenges, this guest’s story holds some impactful truths for how we can develop positive habits for transformational living. Special guest Melissa Jones
#transformation #habits #reframing #simplicity
Melissa shared many golden nuggets, here are but a few:
28:10 Whether or not you have a coach, you have to put in the work
28:21 Stuck or frustrated? Take 1 small step forward
34:51 It's always about putting the work in consistently
35:53 Simplicity leads to success in dieting and life.
-You prioritize different parts of your life at different times
- Ever feel like this? When am I going to be balanced?
You can connect with Melissa on her websites, and on social media:
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