Angels Rescued Me — How Angels Come To Your Aid When You Need It Most with Michael Sandler

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On Wednesday, November 10th, I was hit by a car and nearly killed. Yet angels saved my life. Listen into this special show on what happened and the lessons learned along the way!

Angels can do the same for you and more. When you learn how to call on your angels 24/7, you will always have protection and guidance. It’s really simple too. In this special event we’ll show you:

  1. How to call on your angels for protection
  2. How to surround yourself in a bubble of love and light
  3. How to be lifted up by your angels’ wings
  4. How to get healing, power, and strength from your angels
  5. How to call on your angels to look after you even when you sleep.

In this special and raw YouTube event, Michael Sandler will share what happened, how angels saved his life, and how angels can bless yours too.

This is one event you’re going to want to see.

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