You don't have to sweat to lose weight or cure Type 2 Diabetes.

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In this latest edition of the Simple as Fat podcast, Jon Gaunt explains that you do not have to buy an expensive gym membership or dress in lycra and buy a bike to lose weight and reverse Type 2 diabetes. You can do it simply by gentle walking and eating real food.

Jon has been walking at a moderate pace now for a year and has lost over 80 pounds in weight and reversed his diabetes and got his blood pressure back to normal. He is also off all meds.

He has done this without once breaking into a sweat and in this podcast he shows you how you can do the same.

He also explains how gentle walking can also alleviate stress, depression and aid in combatting chronic disease like Alzheimers, cardiac arrests and strokes.

All of this is delivered in Jon Gaunt's inimitable fun and controversial style.

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