13: Optimizing Life with Genetic Foundations

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GENES ARE THE CORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU TICK… the key is this… they are modifiable and never set in stone. Once you know your genetic blueprint… you can choose to optimize them… so you can move to higher levels of achievement… have more energy… get rid of brain fog… or naturally deal with depression and anxiety.
#genes #epigenetics #antifragilitytheory #neuroplasticity #anti-fragile
- Epigenetically we can coerce our bodies into becoming more anti fragile by doing two simple things. Today we will address
- Number 1- Nutritionally support your genes
- Number 2- Make positive stress work for you
Dr. Brian is hosting a free 5 day GENE HACK BOOTCAMP starting May17th. This will be a once in a life time event. You can register at https://drbriangbrown.com/genehack

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