ISUMATAQ: Your Secret To Maintaining Sanity

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😱EVER FELT LIKE YOU WERE “LOSING IT”?🙃 DID YOU FEEL LIKE CHAOS WAS SWIRLING ALL AROUND YOU?😲 If you’ve lived much life at all, you’ve probably felt that way at some point. There’s a sacred word in the Inuit Native Alaskan language that I believe holds the answers for how to regain control in the midst of chaos. Stay tuned as we explore this topic.
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01:56 Research has proven that mindset, mindfulness and meditation can literally alter your genetic expression
04:19 What's the motivation to be a caretaker?
05:50 Are you happy in your caregiver role?
09:29 Are you an interdependent of co-dependent relationship?
13:03 Aim to be the ISUMATAQ
15:54 Anyone can be an ISUMATAQ

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