53. NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR CRYING: Flourishing Friday

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Flourishing Friday (FF)- Welcome to Flourishing Fridays, where every Friday we bring you a Positive Psychology based life hack that will help you to flourish… We look at real life application of positive psychology, while giving you different strategies, tips and steps to put Positive Psychology into all areas of your life.

Do we apologize for laughing? Do we apologize for feeling excited? Where, oh where, did we learn to apologize for crying? Many of us grew up with the very clear message that crying wasn't welcome or even tolerable. We have become programmed to view pain through the lens of shame that likely was absorbed when you were a child. So the message of shame is passed down through the generations

We all cried when we were babies. But as we become adults, many of us often try to hold back our tears. Tears serve a function. We feel a sense of sadness, grief and loss and crying is like a release valve. Crying releases cortisol (stress hormones). Emotional tears allow stress to move out of the body. E-motion is energy in motion. Emotions are meant to move. Having a good cry can sometimes be just what we need. Science has shown that emotional tears have found to have higher levels of stress hormones. Emotional teats also contain more mood-regulating manganese.

Never, apologize for your tears. Your pain is your strength. Let those waters flow! It is how we heal, and it is how we stay balanced and is good for our well-being. Crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it is healthy. It is a natural way to reduce your stress and allows for a release of the negative physical effects on the body.

Hold space for tears in others and yourself. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

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