54. CAN'T CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU: Real-time Resilience

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Real-time Resilience (RR)- Welcome to Real-time Resilience (RR), where we look at real people being resilient in real time. Be ready to discover and learn skills to help you bounce back better. Listen in to bounce back stories that are sure to inspire and encourage you through any struggle.

Life isn’t perfect, so it is exciting to witness real people, with real stories, practicing real-time resilience. Listen in to Bounce Back stories that are sure to inspire and encourage you through any struggle.

“Transformative power of positive psychology is very freeing.”

Discover how Kate Ingrim from Riverside New Jersey. Kate a positive psychology infuser. She changed her life from a victim mentality to victor. She uses positive psychology continually throughout her journey of growth. She decided to take ownership and responsibility for her own needs and wants, while practicing self compassion. She was able to look at herself and stop blaming outside sources, and view herself in the light of self compassion. Practicing gratitude and focusing on empowerment and building up herself daily allowed for growth.

“Be kind to yourself, and practice self-compassion.”

Kate was able to shift her life away from anxiety and depression. Meditation, physical movement doing pilates, yoga and walking, all contributed to her feeling of empowerment. Mindfulness as a practice has helped her develop gratitude, savouring, and forgiveness. Community also played a role in healing and connecting along the way. Typically isolation and disconnect is where Kate would go when depressed. She now reaches out and draws on her community to feel accepted and a part of her support system.

You can’t control what happens to you in life, but we can control whether you receive it as a victim or a victor. Positive Psychology for overcoming symptoms of depression. Multi-faceted approach to battling with depression allowed Kate to go from Victim to Victor.

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