Do You Have a Moody Brain?

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WHAT DO YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORDS “MOODY BRAIN”🧠? Do you automatically think, “This doesn’t apply to me”? Or, do you think, “Wow, that’s me to a T”? In my experience the overwhelming majority of people who come to me for help have some degree of mood brain. The problem is only half of them even realize it. There are five different types of moody brain that I've identified through the years. I’m going to share them with you on today’s show so you can identify whether you have moody brain and which type you are.


03:51 The Moody Brain Spectrum
05:27 The 3 fundamentals
07:44 The bar is set pretty darn low when it comes to prescribing psychiatric medications.
11:44 Cost of Depression in the US $326B/year
12:40 Fatigue and Low Energy cost the US $400 Billion/year!
13:30 The average employee productivity is only 72%
15:07 What is moody brain?
16:35 5 brain Types: SAD, stressed, sluggish, scattered, 7 layer salad (also includes sleepless, sickly, stocky (wt control issues)
22:09 As we age, moody brain issues increase

Dr. Brian is a functional medicine practitioner with a subspecialty in epigenetics and nutrigenomics
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