Habits for Becoming Unstoppable

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Join host Dr. Brian G Brown and special guest Claudia Taboada to dig into the ultimate self-care on the journey to becoming unstoppable!

Want to be Unstoppable? Makes sense to do these things...
14:51 Take time for yourself, self reflection, introspection
17:20 When is enough enough?
21:15 How to develop those supportive coping methods in your habits and routines
30:49 Start small!
34:13 The 3 M framework
41:43 Set Micro goals

F GPS system: F= focus: focus on 3 things: 3 gratitudes and 3 Priorities

G= Growth mindset
P= Positive Mindset
S= Self Love

Growth mindset: --out of comfort zone
--see challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth
--value the process more than the endpoint

Want to know more about Claudia? You can connect on social media:
FB: Claudia Taboada
https://claudiataboada.com/ OVERCOMER
Facebook Business Page : Claudia Taboada - The Unstoppable Mom
Instagram: @badassautismmoma
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/claudia-taboada-216a901bb

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