The Long-Term Effects of Trauma & What To Do About Them

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😲DID YOU KNOW… THAT 🧠BRAIN TRAUMA… whether physical like a head injury OR related to surviving a psychologically life-altering event can not only have a long term impact on your emotional health, BUT IT CAN have long term impact on your 🦾physical health as well? In today’s episode, I’ll share my insights about some recent studies and what we can do about these changes that occur because of trauma.
✅ 03:31 What causes PTSD?
✅ 05:38 What are the health consequences of childhood traumatic events
✅ 06:58 Childhood traumas increase your risk for high cholesterol
✅ 07:26 Struggling with obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure, and Heart Disease?
✅ 11:20 Former Football players need to know this about their long term health risks
✅ 20:28 Want to Significantly reduce your risk of Diabetes? Use this simple technique

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